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MGMA of Mississippi Corporate Sponsorship & Membership

Corporate Sponsorship

Our sponsor/business partners are vital to the success of MGMA of MS. Unrestricted sponsorships enables members to continue their education, network with colleagues and discuss new developments and ideas in medical management. MGMA of MS would not be able to continue to bring in quality programs and speakers or continue to enhance our organization without the support of sponsors.

There are 4 sponsorships:

Corporate Membership

In addition to sponsoring MGMA of MS, you may choose to become an Allied member of our organization. An Allied member is an individual who works for an organization which provide products and services directly to health care delivery organizations. An Allied member is a non-voting member. As an Allied member, you would enjoy these benefits provided by MGMA of MS:

  • Reduced registration fees for three (3) meetings per year,. These meetings provide an opportunity to network with potential clients and learn of the important topics that concern medical groups.
  • A subscription to Magnolia Minutes, a newsletter published quarterly for the members of MGMA of MS,. It is filled with articles and information useful in medical practices (and may include your advertisement if you so choose that type of sponsorship!)

We would love to have you as a member in our state organization. Please consider joining MGMA of MS and the sponsorship opportunities listed on this site! If you have questions, please call Kristina Romero at 985-290-8020

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