Upcoming events

    • 12 Nov 2020
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (CST)
    • Clyde Muse Center, Pearl MS

    We are so excited for this opportunity to safely come together again. Join us this November as we collaborate and troubleshoot issues in healthcare. Share with your peers and learn from subject matter experts ways to improve your practice!

    MGMA MS members, bring a first time attendee for only $25! Space is limited!


    8:00am - Registration Opens

    8:30am- Welcome, Opening Remarks

    8:45-10:00 - Ways to Increase Revenue in 2021 - Ashley Poythress, CPC, CPPM

    10:00-10:30 - Break

    10:30-11:30 - Collaborating Leaders -  Peer Round Table Discussion

    11:30-12:30- Hitting the Three Targets of a Top Medical Practice - Maddox Casey, CPA

    12:30-1:30 - Lunch and Business Meeting

    1:30- 2:30 -  MS Insurance Hot Topics Round Table - MS Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

    2:30- 3:00 - Break and Prizes

    3:00-4:00 -The Year 2020 and Healthcare RisksAnne Everett, MSN, RN

    Speakers & Session Synopsis

    Ashley Poythress, CPC, CPPM

    Ways to Increase Revenue in 2021

    Show me the money! But how? Ashley will cover these five areas to assist in generating more income in 2021: Telehealth Visits, Remote Patient Monitoring Codes, Transitional Care, Chronic Care Management, Annual Medicare Wellness

    Maddox Casey, CPA

    Hitting the Three Targets of a Top Medical Practice

    There are many issues beyond your control, but if you can improve your operational efficiency, increase your production capacity, and gain more clinical effectiveness, you will have a top performing medical practice. This presentation will give you the tools to address all three areas.

    Mike Chaney, MS Commissioner of Insurance

    MS Insurance Hot Topics Round Table

    A spin-off of our annual Insurance Forum, Commissioner Chaney will continue the conversation with us and explore upcoming changes, discuss claims and reimbursement issues, and address any other issues our members are facing in the world of insurance and how things have changed in our "new normal."

    Anne Everett, MSN, RN

    Senior Risk Management Consultant

    Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi

    The Year 2020 and Healthcare Risks

    The year 2020 has thus far been one for the record books with the COVID-19 pandemic.  COVID’s effect on healthcare has been something not seen in healthcare for 100 years.  One of the most obvious effects seen from the pandemic is the explosion of telemedicine.  Before COVID, we saw telemedicine struggle to reach its potential. When using telemedicine in medical practices it is recommended that good risk management practices be followed. 

    Also, another area where there has been a shift in healthcare is with patients skipping or delaying healthcare during the pandemic.  The overall long-term health consequences from this have yet to be determined and will likely be varied. Having sound tracking systems for patient screening visits and no-show visits is essential to decrease patient harm and minimize malpractice risks.

    Withdrawal of care has always been an area where good risk management practices are crucial. Even with the COVID pandemic, we need to make sure that the decision to terminate the patient-physician relationship is dissolved in the most appropriate manner for the situation at hand. Additionally, the risk considerations for minors’ consent to treat is always a topic that we get many questions about. 

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